SEPIDATA Technical Information

Within this page we provide all necessary technical information that is required to develop and or install our product. Also, information can be found on the data sources that we support for getting the data into the datawarehouse. If you require further information, please contact our support department.

Important technical information about our product

SEPIDATA Developer
– Windows 10
– Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition or higher
– SQL Server Developer Edition 2017 or higher
Datawarehouse Target
Database Platform

– SQL Server 2017 Standard Edition or higher on premise or IAAS

– Microsoft Azure SQL Database

SEPIDATA Application

– Windows Server 2016 or higher on premise or IAAS (container solution coming soon)

– Needs a SQL Server 2017 database (for meta data, process & error logging, operations monitoring, configuration etc.)

– Can be installed on your SQL Server database server or on a separated application server depending on your situation

– The application server will expose a RESTFULL API endpoint. This can require additional configurations with regards to firewall. Please refer to installation manual for this.

SEPIDATA Operations
Portal / API

– Microsoft Internet Information Server 10

Data Sources Support

– Flat Files (comma separated or fixed with, all code pages/encodings)
– Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher
– Oracle 10G or higher
– DB2v10.2 or higher
– Postgress SQL v9.6 or higher
– My SQLv5.6 or higher