The place where all your data comes together

The Staging Area is a “landing zone” for data flowing into your data warehouse environment. With the SEPIDATA Staging Area module we provide you with the first fundamental layer of your new datawarehouse solution. You can choose if data is kept until it is successfully loaded into the data warehouse or if you want to keep all RAW data and make the staging area persistent (PSA).

Flat file discovery wizard

Allows you to inspect and analyze multiple files at once. We have built an intelligent algorithm that can detect the columns and data types automatically and gives you the ability to profile the content of the file. Working with (very) large files is fully supported.

Database discovery wizard

After setting up the connection, the database discovery wizard allows you to select the tables, views and stored procedures that you would like to import. Within the wizard you can browse and data profile the content of these objects.

Automatic archiving

Data archiving (PSA) is out-of-the-box functionality. You do not have to code for this, just configure the settings. You can choose to version or snapshot the raw data. When versioning you can configure the type of changes that need to be captured (new, update, delete, revival).

Automatic upgrade

Operators do not have to execute scripts on your production database. Automatic upgrade of your staging area is performed based on upgrade instructions that are part of deployment package of every new version of your solution.

Operations & monitoring

Data retrieval services for operational insights via modern REST API’s gives you the ability to integrate operational metrics within the standard tooling of your environment.

State of the art deployment

State of the art way of deployment, we deliver  REST API’s combined with a PowerShell module  and sample scripts for optimal automation of all the operational tasks.

Remove the burden of repetitive work of developing a staging area