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Our product comes at a cost that is only a fraction of the cost of competitors. Using our software leads to a radical increase in resource efficiency on all levels. Our free trial and subscription based model gives you the ability try our product or to prototype your ideas. No big investment upfront.

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We use FastSpring as a flexible and secure payment system.

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You can refund easily within 30 days or cancel your subscription anytime.

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The included size is the measured size (compressed if enabled) of all staging area, datamart or data hub databases that are active on the SQL Server instance to which the SEPIDATA application server is connected. Size can be stated in “GB” which stands for Giga Bytes, or “TB” , which stands for Tera Bytes.

The subscription allows you to activate one application server instance of the SEPIDATA product on a production server. It is allowed to install three instances of the application server on development, a test and acceptance environments as your development process requires. You can contact us if you require more environments.

Online activation (computer / server running the software has internet access): Updates to licenses, expiry dates, license product properties, activation limits etc will be picked up automatically by the software OR can be forced to update via the license wizard.

Offline activation (computer running the software has NO internet access): customers must perform manual actions to retrieve a new license key and/or product properties file and apply this to all systems running SEPIDATA before the license expires. We advise you to go for a yearly subscription to prevent monthly reactivation of the software.

Yes, during check out you can add additional sizing to your subscription. After you purchased your subscription it is also possible to extend the sizing or switch to a higher plan. This way we allow you to pay-as-you-grow!

No, the current release of the SEPIDATA application server does not allow to deploy additional runtime agents connected to the same environment. We will add this functionality soon to the software and then you are able to assign modules to different runtime agents deployed on different machines.

You can cancel your subscription any time. We will not have any appeal or any argument, but we hope that you contact us first to allow us to help you and understand your requirements better. Thanks for being with us.

We hope that you contact us first to allow us to help you and understand your requirements better. To apply for a refund you should provide a valid reason. A bug is not a valid reason to get a refund because we will fix it for you. We provide a money back guarantee during 30 calendar days after the date of purchase. You can get a refund on your existing payment system. When the term expires one can no longer get a refund.

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