We deliver a world class development platform

Data consumer and executive expectations are rising. They expect to get fast results from their investments in data analytical capabilities and want to blend analytical insights and artificial intelligence algorithms in their business. To meet and exceed these expectations we believe you need to have a coherent data development environment throughout your organization. Darwin learned us that in order to achieve more speed, you need to reduce the mass.

How to position our product

Our product can be positionend in the first three layers of the business intelligence process. We provide the ability to scan and discover data sources (flat files, database etc) this is level one of the BI process. Based on your discovery activities, data can be extracted to the (persisting) staging area where the data is temporary stored and optionally can be archived. From the staging area the data gets transformed, integrated (based on all connected sources) and loaded to the output layer depending on the architecture and modelling style you have chosen. For example this can be a datamart, optimized for OLAP and Data Analysis Reporting. Or a Data Hub where data is further distributed to other data consuming parties. This is level two of the BI process. The next step is to add the OLAP or reporting server projects of Micrsoft to our solution and design the data presentation layer. (This is level 3 and 4)


Modern development studio

The developer studio is a extension that can be installed from the Microsoft Visual Studio marketplace or directly from within Visual Studio. The extension adds new Project types to Visual Studio which we call datawarehouse solution building blocks. Currently we have provided the Source Model and Staging Area project types as the first fundamental layer of the datawarehouse. The upcomming period we will be busy adding new building blocks on top of this, think about a datahub or datamart.

Datawarehouse orchestration engine

When the development of the datawarehouse solution is finished it can be deployed to the SEPIDATA application server which you have to install and configure on your environment. The application server is connected to a SQL Server which hosts the datawarehouse databases. Our application server is a high performance, scalable, multi threaded processing engine which orchestrates all datawarehouse loading processes, deployment and monitoring capabilities. Together with the REST API a lot of operation activities have been automated and can be executed from a PowerShell command line or used in the SEPIDATA admin portal. Also other parties can use the REST API to exchange meta data information about published data models, source data discovery information, profiling, lineage and more.