Deliver a world class datawarehouse DevOps platform

In a world where data powers digital transformation we professionalize datawarehouse development by bringing industry best practices to the (Microsoft) datawarehouse development community and make datawarehousing a commodity.

Our target

Provide best practices

Enable datawarehouse development teams with proven (enterprise) data warehousing best practices & capabilities integrated into the world’s best and most used software development platform (Microsoft Visual Studio).

Ops at the core

Provide every organization with a commercial of the shelve runtime engine for loading the datawarehouse in a secure, reliant and regulatory compliant way. Where we provide out of the box functionality to operationalize your data warehouse.

Create a community

Several data warehouse methodologies, patterns and best practices are built into the SEPIDATA datawarehouse platform. The architect or lead developer can review the methodology and best practice warnings during code reviews.

What we value

Connecting people

Connect people by promoting cooperation between analysis, development and operations.

Increase effectiveness

Smart datawarehouse development software for smart people (1 + 1 = 3).

Fail fast with data

Focus on data output then stabilize and improve information & quality continuously.