Build your datawarehouse solution in minutes

SEPIDATA Developer studio is integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio, a familiar development environment for data warehouse developers on the Microsoft platform. It combines the power of Microsoft professional development tools in Visual Studio with proven data warehouse building blocks coming from our experiences with large and different DWH implementations

In control of source code

Does source control fail with your current datawarehouse vendor? Our projects work with the source control capabilities of Visual Studio based on Git, TFS or Azure DevOps. You are free to choose your branching and merging approach.

Automate development

We provide development wizards that automate a lot of common tasks like adding a new source system or handle changes in the source and apply them towards the staging area or creating a release package.

Improve quality

Several data warehouse methodologies, patterns and best practices are built into the SEPIDATA datawarehouse solution compiler. The architect or lead developer can review methodology and best practice warnings during code reviews

Rapid prototyping

Develop and run the complete DWH solution on your local developer machine. Build it, test it, run it, deploy it, all on your own without dependencies and interferences with other developers. This way you can validate your designs and data fast!

Relate work to backlog

Relate code changes to your product backlog stories or tasks and create a relation between why and how a specific user story is implemented in the code. Add check-in notes and policies to your project for mandatory documentation of changes.

Modern language

We use JSON to code the data warehouse solution because JSON is easy for humans to read and modify, it is easy for SEPIDATA to parse and it works well with source control . Large pieces of the JSON code are generated for you via wizards. 

Introducing Visual Studio and our developer extension