Do you need a responsive data & analytics platform?

Do you need data to fuel your digital business or is your current data & analytics platform not able to respond quickly enough to deliver the insights within expected timelines, then we have the right solution for you!

Is your datawarehouse glitter not gold?

Do you need to build some dashboards or reports quickly?  Are you lacking the foundations in your IT landscape to retrieve, store, transform and integrate this data from your applications so it is prepared and can be used by business intelligence platforms like Power BI or Tableau? Then you are at the right place! We at SEPIDATA see many companies struggle to create data value and most of the time they are also faced with high implementation and configuration costs. At SEPIDATA we want to turn this around and provide you with a modern datawarehouse development platform that allows you to build and operationalize your datawarehouse in a unique way at a fraction of the costs you are now paying. So you can focus on creating data value and let us handle the data logistics.


Our mission is to make things simpler

Our competitors require extensive implementation and configuration of their products. Their development environments are often complex, hard to learn and require years of experience with their platform to build a succesful datawarehouse that delivers data value. Our product is easy and accessible.

Our Development Environment

SEPIDATA Developer Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio

By integrating our product into Visual Studio we provide a world class developer environment within a rock solid and modern DevOps eco-system. For the most common datawarehouse architectures we have created project types in Visual Studio, together with intelligent wizards you are guided through the development of your datawarehouse solution.
Popular Features
  • You can compile, debug, validate, branch & merge our project types in Visual Studio
  • We support deploy & build automation with Azure DevOps build pipelines
  • Development wizards that automate a lot of common tasks
  • The best source control you can get for your datawarehouse solution! We support Visual Studio Git, TFS or Azure DevOps

Our Datawarehouse Solution Building Blocks

Staging Area

The Staging Area is a “landing zone” for data flowing into your data warehouse environment. With the SEPIDATA Staging Area module we provide you with the first fundamental layer of your new datawarehouse platform. The staging area can store and (optionally) keep track of all historical data that has been gathered at your source. Guided via intelligent wizards you can discover a set of flat files or a database structure for its data and create a source model definition. Using the definition of the source you can create a staging area project and setup an interface to start ingesting data into your datawarehouse.
Popular Features
  • Discover & profile multiple flat files at once and scan content for structure
  • Step by step wizard to setup the staging area
  • Support for different data delivery types (delta, full, incremental)
  • Staging area upgrade wizard (guiding you through changing source structures)

Data Hub

Create a “go-to” place for data within your organization. With a data hub point-to-point connections between data suppliers and data consumers are replaced by a centralized data store. The Data Hub can negotiate deliverables and schedules with various data consuming parties. Data can be served in multiple formats that do not have to be integrated. It can serve both operational data (ODS) and historical data.  

Popular Features

  • Load, store and transform source data
  • Create Consumer specific data sets
  • Export data in target tables in batch
  • Generate API layer on output structures
  • Data Subscription Management

Enterprise Data Warehouse

If you want to go a step further than a Data Hub and also need to harmonize and historize data in your organization: the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) can solve naming, structural and semantical differences between data sources and data consumers. Create an integrated view on data by combining data from multiple sources. Add value to data such as de-duplication, quality and reconciliation checks.

Popular Features

  • All features of Data Hub
  • Multi source for the same entity
  • Reference Data Management
  • Artificial key solution for minimizing trend breaches in historical data


The datamart is the foundation for reporting & analytics as it contains a simplified structure that is more intuitive for data analysts to discover and query. It stores data in a way that maximizes the performance of BI tooling. A datamart can be organization wide or department specific. We use the dimensional modelling approach to build a datamart.


Popular Features

  • Model storming methodology (BEAM)
  • Kimball Methodology compliant development of datamart objects
  • Artificial key solution for minimizing trend breaches in historical data​

How does it work?

The SEPIDATA story

Our company name is SEPIDATA. The first 6 letters in our company name relate to “Sepiida” the Latin name of a catfish also know as cuttlefish. This amazing fish applies adaptive transformation based on the structure beneath him. Changing color helps cuttlefish blend into their environment.